Mingle all the way

The second installment of Media Mingle, Mingle Bells, took place last week in the dark, underground lair at Clooney. There was quail in spoons, there was champagne in flutes, there were nametags on chests and there were numerous jovial media types engaging in some hearty festive mingling.

Mingle Bells-11 smallAllan Botica, Botica, Catherine Smith, Simply you living and Simply You Fashion

Mingle Bells-8 smallRobin Fenn, PHI Creative, Derek Ward, GardyneHolt

Mingle Bells-29 small

Mingle Bells-18 smallYvonne Tahana, NZ Herald, Carmen Parahi, Maori Television

Mingle Bells-12 smallTracey Thomson, Methode Media, Zlata K, George Andrews Productions, Angelique Grieve

My Lord you media people are good looking. And remember to keep an eye out for the next media mingle-fest in late January.

Photos by Clinton Tudor.

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