Tui aims to plumb new depths with competition

What started with a regular Kiwi bloke, Russell Brown, opening his tap to have a stream of beer pouring out has turned into an international phenomenon that went nuts on YouTube. Now, the creatives at Saatchi & Saatchi NZ are stretching the theme with a competition that gives entrants the chance of winning a beer plumbing addition to their homes.

The competition, which was launched on the Tui website, is accompanied by profiles of the TVC participants, as well as a storyboard of three 15-second teasers that set the backstory to the original 90-second commercial.

Saatchi & Saatchi NZ, who has held the account since 2004, launched the beer plumbing TVC as part of the new ‘Always something brewing’ campaign. When asked what the tagline implied, Paul Wilson, business director at Saatchi & Saatchi NZ, said, “Always something brewing means we’ve always got something on the go. We’re constantly coming up with clever ways to get the lads together for a beer. So… there is definitely more in the pipeline and [Kiwis should] keep an eye out for a new Tui lager promotion.”

He would not be drawn into divulging any specifics on provisional dates or descriptions of future pranks, but this announcement means that Kiwis will have to be a little more wary of their friends’ clandestine activities over the next few months.

Wilson said that of the six million views stacked up by the TVC on YouTube, over one million have been registered from within New Zealand. In addition, the competition has also enjoyed a positive response, with Wilson saying, “Based on the uptake in the first couple of weeks it is tracking to be the most successful/popular promotion that Tui has run.” It was also judged the winner of the most recent Campaign Review in NZ Marketing magazine.

Wilson did not have any numbers on-hand, but he said they were expecting a 70-30 split between text and online entries, respectively. This is somewhat anomalous given that text entries carry a standard mobile service texting charge.      

The competition winner’s plumbing job will however be a little different than that which featured in the TVC. Rather than turning every tap into a beer spout, Tui’s team will instead add an ancillary faucet dedicated to the golden beverage.  


Client: DB Breweries
Jarrod Bear – Group Marketing Manager
William Papesch – Tui Marketing Manager
Mike Rutledge – Tui Brand Manager
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Executive Creative Director: Antonio Navas
Creative Directors/Creative Team: Corey Chalmers, Guy Roberts
Agency Producer: Anna Kennedy
Account Team: Paul Wilson, Marcelle Baker, Jonathan Bates, Willie Lyons
Planning Team: Murray Streets, Ian Hulme​
Production company: 8Com
Director: Andy Morton
Executive Producer: Katie Millington
D.O.P: Aaron Morton
Editor: Dan Kircher
Sound Design: Franklin Road
Post Production: Blockhead
Media Agency: Spark phdiq
Digital Agency: Union Digital
Seeding Agency: Giant Media and Porter Novelli International
Public Relations: Porter Novelli 

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