TSB plants first major flag in battle to grease up National Bank customers

Smaller, independent agencies are often going on about their nimbleness and agility in comparison to the big, internationally-owned full-service shops. And smaller, independent financial institutions are always going on about better service and local ownership compared to the big, foreign-owned banks. And the two things have collided with TSB and Special Group’s new campaign, which aims to make hay after the black horse has bolted by offering its support to soon-to-be ex-National Bank customers.

The TVC was created by Assembly and the multimedia campaign aims to show “New Zealand’s largest independent bank is offering an easy-switch service for customers who might appreciate TSB Bank’s award-winning customer service”. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GamvQ6ktlRM“Being independent and New Zealand-owned means we can focus 100 percent on what’s right for our customers, not an overseas owner,” says Kevin Murphy, TSB Bank chief executive. “We’re sure National Bank customers will feel very at home with us.”

The vultures have been circling for a while waiting for this announcement and there isn’t a bank in the country that hasn’t thought about its strategy to benefit from it, but TSB and Special were still very quick out of the blocks and appear to be the first bank to make it to TV with a tailored campaign, with the ad breaking in the TV3 6pm News, just hours after the announcement. 

The lolly scramble will be very interesting to watch, and today, as rumours about the brand’s eventual demise in a couple of years circulated on Twitter, ASB, easily the most socially active banking brand in New Zealand, was doing a good job of pointing users towards its Experience ASB website. Kiwibank was giving it a nudge too (“Still green. Still NZ owned. Still awesome. Just sayin’…”).

Not too much social media prompting from Westpac (which was Tweeting about its new budgeting app and mobile wallet scheme) or BNZ (which was talking about its renewal of the Super Rugby sponsorship), however. But we’re sure there are plenty of busy financial marketing teams and agencies at the moment. 

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