A true tourism campaign?

We’ve all seen the rolling hills, smiling faces, water sports scenes, kiwi birds and rustic charm that have populated the nation’s tourism video canon over the years. And while these representations sure do help to sell the flights that drive one of New Zealand’s biggest industries, everyone that lives here knows that they aren’t 100 percent true most of the time. 

Beyond the stunning vistas and carefully selected extras that feature in these promotional campaigns lies a grittier New Zealand that is encountered the moment we leave the tourist path. And a new short film titled ‘Aotearoa Now’ by Ryan Fielding it is this side of New Zealand that exposed to the viewer.

As described in the in the write-up on Vimeo, “‘Aotearoa Now’ is a meditative journey into the depths of the New Zealand landscape. An experimental mosaic of image and sound. A really bad tourism campaign”.

The film was shot over a two-month period in 2014 at locations across the country and features a seemingly random series of snapshots that are familiar, yet eerily unsettling. 

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