Trouble in paradise for 2010’s glamour couple?

The local ad fraternity, the global cognoscenti and plenty of actual New Zealanders were all smitten with Orcon and Special Group’s ‘Orcon + Iggy’ campaign. But, as cliche-loving rugby players always say, you’re only as good as your last match. And despite the fact the trophies have flowed fairly freely for the pairing in 2010, the Orcon business is currently up for pitch.

With a Cannes Grand Prix, Axis awards galore and one of the best digital executions seen in the New Zealand market with the ‘Living Office’, it seems a fairly harsh/strange decision. Things have gone more than swimmingly since the fledgling agency won the business in August last year, but there have been a few mutterings that the recent ‘See the World’ campaign, where anyone who signed up a friend to Orcon got a few airpoints dollars, didn’t perform quite as well as was hoped. If that’s the case, it’s one of the few blemishes in what’s been a stellar year for the quickly growing indie (in fact, it’s been a pretty stellar year for indie agencies as a whole, really).

Special Group’s creative director Tony Bradbourne confirmed it was repitching for the business but he couldn’t say anything else. A statement from Pead PR also confirmed Orcon was “reviewing its agency services” and will be making a decision on who it will be working with in 2011 by the end of the month. But Orcon is keeping it all pretty hush hush and ex Pead PRer Quentin Reade, who replaced Duncan Blair (who recently moved to digi experimenters &some) as Orcon’s new communications manager, didn’t have anything to add, so no word on who else is involved, whether it was part of a standard review or whether it was unhappy with some of Special Group’s recent work.

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