Tried, true and trusted: Whittaker’s maintains its place at the top of Reader’s Digest list

For the 14th time, New Zealand’s most trusted brands have been named by Reader’s Digest and the top three—Whittaker’s, Dettol and Toyota—remains unchanged from last year, with Whittaker’s making it four years on the trot at the top. 

And the top ten is: 

1. Whittaker’s

2. Dettol

3. Toyota

4. Sony

5. Panadol

6. Tip Top ice cream

7. Yates

8. Resene

9 . Sleepyhead

10. Janola

  • Check out the numerous category winners here. And check out last year’s winners here

While a common response to the survey is ‘isn’t the Reader’s Digest just read by old people?’, it points out that it’s an independent survey rather than a reader poll and it enlisted Catalyst to conduct the research. The number of brands that were included in the survey isn’t clear, but it says an initial scoping survey was conducted to build brand lists for each category, via an open-ended questionnaire. Then 1211 New Zealand adults were surveyed about 40 categories of products and services. 

According to those surveyed, these are some of the qualities that people attribute to a trusted brand:

  • “Premium quality at an affordable price”
  • “Everlasting, reliable and cost-effective”
  • “Top quality and innovative”
  • “Well-known brand”
  • “Has a positive reputation”
  • “Business longevity”
  • “Owned or made in New Zealand”

Reader’s Digest says the results show the size of a company doesn’t predict its reputation, as “family-sized companies continue to win consumers’ regard just as much as multinationals”. 

One surprising omission from the list was Mitre 10, which was number nine on the top ten list last year.

Mitre 10 has cultivated a huge social media following, so it’s surprising it has dropped off the list. It also didn’t feature on Ipsos’ recent most influential brands list, which offered up a completely different top ten. 

Sanitarium and Watties also dropped from the top ten.

Resene, Janola and Sleepyhead took their places.

The top five Most Trusted Charities were St John (second year running), Cancer Society of NZ, NZ Breast Cancer Association, Land Search & Rescue and Red Cross.

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