Trans-formula your car to go trans-Tasman

Crowd Goes Wild (CGW) is inviting viewers of the show to pimp up their rides as part of a competition that offers an all-expenses-paid trip to Melbourne to watch the 2014 Formula 1 race to be held in the city between 13 and 16 March.

To enter the competition, viewers simply need to add accessories—a process dubbed trans-formula—to their otherwise average cars in order to render them Formula 1-worthy. The only underlining condition is that the souped-up versions of the cars must include the Qantas logo somewhere on their designs.

The competition, which forms part of Qantas’ sponsorship agreement with Crowd Goes Wild, was first announced during an episode of the show, but it has also been promoted on the CGW Facebook page.

Thus far, CGW has only released one image of a modified car, but more are likely to follow after the competition closes on Monday, 24 February.

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