Trade your gun for a skateboard

Carver skateboards has teamed up with former professional skateboarder and convicted murderer Harvey Hawks for a campaign that strives to draw attention to the harm caused by gun violence in the United States.

The campaign calls on firearm owners to bring in their guns and trade them for a brand new skateboard.   

A seven-minute video accompanying the campaign tells the story of Hawks, who after shooting someone in a road rage incident, was locked up for 26 years. On his road to redemption, Hawks is now dedicating his life to spreading awareness about the dangers of firearms.     

This initiative coincides with the ninth annual Gun Buyback event organised by the San Diego Sherriffs’ Department.

As Carver explains: “The way our Gun Buyback works is simple: you bring in a gun and we’ll trade it for a skateboard. We want to transform those guns into something positive, find a way for kids to be a part of a creative community, and teach them about another way of life.”

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