Trade Me tells the story behind Kevin’s makeover

Earlier this year Trade Me released its new logo featuring a made-over Kevin the Kiwi and now, it has released a video showing how the new look came to be.

The 60-second clip flicks through a number of potential Kevin designs, including a Skinny Kevin, fluffy Kevin, robot Kevin, abstract Kevin and square Kevin.

The comments below it feature a range of opinions on the logo, with some criticising the new look and others expressing their love of it.

Trade Me also took to the comment section to credit the work to EightyOne and Assignment Group.

Old Kevin, new Kevin.

This is Kevin’s first makeover, with the previous lasting 16 years after it was penned by Trade Me staffer Nigel Stanford and named by another staffer, Rowan Simpson.

In an announcement earlier this year, Trade Me said it wanted to develop the brand, make it more consistent, and make sure it was protecting and nurturing it the best it can.

“As you can see, the new edition keeps Kevin the blue kiwi at centre stage. We love Kev, he’s an important part of our history and our future,” the announcement said.

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