Toyota’s Billie and grandad continue the banter and Believe campaign

Earlier this month, Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi introduced Billie and her grandad whose playful relationship was set to give the enduring ‘Believe’ brand platform a new look. We revisit the pair to see what they’ve been up to since they pondered a robotic future world.

A stream of 15 and 30-second spots have been shared on Toyota’s Facebook page, with each one sharing banter between Billie and her grandad that addresses the brand’s Believe principles.

When the pair first made an appearance on the screen, Saatchi & Saatchi joint executive creative director Corey Chalmers told StopPress it was tasked with bringing the Believe principles to life in a “typically Toyota way – through character, story, charm and magic moments”.

“The new campaign is designed to show how Toyota’s beliefs are reflected in everyday Kiwi life, through the endearing characters of Billie and grandad,” he said.

The first 75-second spot took a look into the future to show Toyota believes ‘a better tomorrow starts today’, and now the pair have been spotted admiring an older Toyota model to show ‘good things stand the test of time’. They’ve also been shown keeping an eye on each other’s things to reflect a belief in ‘working together’.

Billie has also washed her grandad’s car to show the brand’s belief in ‘going the extra mile’ and faced an awkward conversation with her grandad about having kids to show ‘every day’s an opportunity to improve’.

And out of the house and away from the cars, the pair headed into the forest to show off Toyota’s commitment to making a difference to New Zealand’s environment and its partnership with the Department of Conservation. The two organisations are working together to support a conservation programme for Kiwi kids.

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