Tower touts its Airpoints deal as customers decide to ‘leave it all behind’

After joining Airpoints last year, Tower has come out with a new ad, via Barnes, Catmur & Friends Dentsu, urging customers to insure their things—then leave it all behind. 

With more Airpoints Dollars for Tower’s house, contents and car insurance policies, the ad aims to show that customers can now afford to insure their things, then jet set elsewhere with their extra points.

Noticeably absent from the video is Tower’s mischievous and thieving penguin, whose bike nabbing/car stealing/carpet ruining ways dominated the insurance company’s on-screen presence last year. 

“Tower recently became the only insurer to offer Airports with their new policies so it made sense to announce this news with a significant campaign covering digital, print, billboards, TV and radio,” says Barnes, Catmur & Friends Dentsu managing partner Paul Catmur.

“Having the empty houses enabled us to get across the benefit of Tower’s Airports offering, as well as giving the TVC the best chance of standing out,” says Catmur.

“Firstly, because the serenity acts as a counter to the usual shouted competition; and secondly, as the confused cat lady comes in at the end to add a dash of humour. Who doesn’t like a confused cat lady?”

Tower announced its partnership with Airpoints in September, after Air New Zealand publicised it was pulling out of its long-running relationship with Fly Buys. The departure is understood to have been due to the airline’s desire to focus on its own loyalty scheme, which now has over two million Kiwis on board. 

Both Airpoints and Fly Buys boast Z petrol stations and New World as retail partners. However, State Insurance’s existing relationship with Fly Buys, may have contributed to Tower’s decision to choose Airpoints as its preferred choice of loyalty scheme provider. 

There are now more than 50 businesses involved in the Airpoints programme, with more than half of those businesses added over the past two years.

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