Jif calls for an end to BBQ neglect

Breaking two decades of advertising silence, Jif has released a humorous new campaign urging Aussies (and Kiwis) to end the grease and grime of BBQ neglect.

Filmed in the style of an investigative documentary, the ad follows one man’s journey into the danger zones of backyard barbecues as he trawls through the remnants of “garlic prawn pieces from two Christmases ago”.

The campaign is part of an effort by the decades-old cleaning brand to relaunch to a younger generation after a 19-year marketing hiatus. 

Created by Zoo Group Sydney, executive creative director Paul Bruce says that, “The campaign definitely moves away from the traditional spin used to sell household cleaning products and working with a client willing to test these boundaries to have some fun is always a plus,” before adding that “My white converse came up a treat.”

Unilever ANZ Homecare director Paul Connell says “We are excited about the campaign created with ZOO Group Sydney, and, with their creativity, the possibility of ending BBQ neglect across Australia.”

“It’s already gaining traction and a great response from audiences that wouldn’t normally engage in the category and we’re looking forward to celebrating together on Australia Day on a shiny Bronte BBQ,” he says.

Jif’s last prominent advertisement was their now-infamous ‘skater’ ad from the 1980s, which highlighted how scouring powders could “scratch like skates on ice”.


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