Top Gear Magazine NZ folds, ceases publication

Top Gear Magazine New Zealand has ceased publication after seven years in the game, with this month’s issue its last.

Publisher Bauer media says the magazine fell short commercially and was unable to secure the ad revenue it needed, despite having a circulation of 9,000 (according to ABC) and a readership of 230,000 (according to Nielsen).

Top Gear Magazine NZ has been passed around several publishing units (including Image Centre, which owns this publication) before settling at ACP (now Bauer) in 2009.

“Both partners would like to express our gratitude to an amazing team of professional staff including
freelance writers and photographers who created an exceptional editorial product since its launch in
2006.” says Paul Dykzeul, chief executive of Bauer.

Dykzeul adds that Top Gear Magazine NZ’s staff have been consulted and there will be no redundancies as a result of this decision.

From April onwards New Zealanders will be sold the Australian edition of the magazine.

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