Tip Top and Colenso deliver a dose of the feelgoods with launch of new brand platform

There are a few things you can expect from a New Zealand summer: torrential rain, sunburnt tops of the feet and sausage and booze-related weight gain. You can also expect a campaign from Tip Top, but this year’s effort is a bit different—and more logistically challenging—than normal, because it’s launched a big new brand platform and is “on a mission to make New Zealand Feel Tip Top this summer, one ice cream at a time”. 


Colenso’s managing director Nick Garrett says Tip Top has been in something of a holding pattern for the past 18 months as it dealt with various business issues like distribution and supplying a couple of key product ranges. But now is the hour to “show what Tip Top is all about”. 

“Tip Top was a product and a brand,” he says. “And there are a lot of products made by Tip Top but the New Zealand consumer doesn’t know that. So we had to raise Tip Top up to become a brand house.”

‘Feel Tip Top’ is the big idea and all the products—except for its premium offering, Kapiti—will live inside that house, he says, with specific marketing for the likes of Memphis Meltdown and Fruju continuing. And, perhaps bravely, he envisages this nationwide experiential push being the start of what he hopes could be a decade-long campaign. 

Group account director Sue Gill says the response has been amazing since the campaign’s launch on Sunday, with 6,147 entries as of this morning and plenty of inspiring stories being told about deserving recipients, who are able to post their requests through a Facebook app

“It’s about empowering New Zealanders to make them feel Tip Top every day. It’s really about those special moments … Some of the stories are amazing. And for me it really highlights the sentiment of New Zealand as a whole.”  

While ice cream is a seasonal product, it’s not as seasonal as many think, and while the Colenso pair weren’t too keen to talk about that, we’ve heard it’s about a 60/40 split from summer to winter (on the plus side—or plus size—for manufacturers, New Zealanders are amongst the highest per capita consumers of ice cream in the world). 

While Tip Top is obviously accustomed to delivering frozen treats around the country, delivering them to individuals in a big truck is a different kettle of fish. But Gill says production company Rubberneck has helped make the process a smooth one. 

Interestingly, another of Fonterra’s brands, a new breakfast drink called Anchor Fast Start, is also embracing the idea of a national roadtrip at the moment with a campaign out of Shine, which generally looks after Fonterra’s smaller brands.  




Creative Chairman: Nick Worthington          

Executive Creative Director: Steve Cochran          

Creative Director: Aaron Turk          

Deputy Creative Director: Mick Stalker          

Art Director: Scott Kelly          

Copywriter: Mick Stalker          

Group Account Director: Sue Gill          

Project Manager: Ali Vernon          

Planner: Sue Gill          

Client name: Craig Griffin, Marketing Manager, Minna Reinikkala, Group Marketing Manager         

Media Agency: OMD          


Agency Producer: Emma Tait          

Digital Creative Director: Aaron Turk          

Digital Art Director: Aaron Turk          

Digital Designer: Josh Yee          

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Agency Producer: Ali vernon          

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Director: Johnny Barker          

Sound Design:  Franklin Road          

DOP/Cinematographer:  Drew Surge          

Editor: Johnny Barker          

Post Production (Vis. Effects Co.):  Sparks          

Music – Artist/Title  Johnny Barker/On the Road

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