ThinkTV and TRA release insight into our most loved ads

In an effort to see what really resonates with Kiwi audiences, ThinkTV and TRA have conducting a bi-monthly survey which gave insights into our most loved ads from the last 12 months.

According to the survey, Sky’s Life Needs More Sport took out the top spot. Lotto comes in at number two with their emotive story, ‘Lost Ticket’ and ASB takes out third with their loveable lead, ‘Big Ben’. 

Cadbury, Pak n’Save, Speights, NZ Post and Mercury were all favourites from the year and unsurprisingly make the list. BNZ is the only brand to feature twice, rounding out the top ten with both 8th and 10th place.

The survey takes a look into what Kiwi’s value most when it comes to what we see from brands. True to Kiwi fashion, humour is at the top of our lists, followed by a need for reliability and then entertaining.

Alongside featuring the ads of the last 12 months to respondents, those who took part were also asked what their favourite ad was, listed or not. This brand recall question lead the survey to show to the importance of a strong message.

Specsavers scored an almost perfect 100 percent, followed by Maccas, Lotto and Vogels. All of which have strong brand messaging and a very clear conceptual closure of narrative.

Beyond cut-through and recall, TRA have also used Zavy social media analysis to see whether these favourite ads are getting people talking.

The survey also goes a step further and shows the measure of sales uplift followed by an engaging conversational message by utilising a datasets that combined daily social media data and daily sales information for
2,564 New Zealand businesses over a period of 3 years.

The survey concludes with a three step ingredient list to get an ad running on the favourites lists.

  1. Be Remarkable: Get people talking
  2. Be Rewarding: What does it give your audience? What does it bring to your brand?
  3. Be Remembered: What elements make it unmistakably linked to your brand?

About the survey:

Each bi-monthly TRA survey looked at a nationally representative sample of 1,000 New Zealanders aged 18 to 60 years old (sourced from the Dynata research panel). This resulted in a combined 6,000 responses across the 12 months.  Open-ended responses were manually coded to look at frequency of mentions, resulting in an overall top ten. Survey participants were also asked why they liked their favourite ad, and how it made them feel about what was being advertised. TRA also used Zavy social media analysis to see whether these favourite ads are also getting people talking, sharing and liking.

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