Ads of the week: June 30

This week’s ads are the cream of the crop in the creativity department. DDB, Pead, and BC&F Denstu deserve a round of applause.

Who is it for: DDB for Emerson’s

Why we like it: This is an example of exceptional out the box creativity. DDB’s travelling tiny pub is the perfect way to promote the beer. Who wouldn’t want to catch up with a mate in a private mini pub for two, complete with a tiny piano and tiny dartboard?

Who is it for: Pead for Best Foods Vodafone Warriors

Why we like it: This has got to be one of the best campaigns we have seen in recent weeks. Going the extra mile to show The Warriors they have New Zealand’s full support while they are in Australia, Pead brought together 100 Vodafone Warrior fans to perform in a mesmerising Haka video. Complete with striking visuals and haunting sound, the campaign was truly captivating.

Who is it for: BC&F Dentsu for Guthrie Bowron

Why we like it: BC&F Dentsu has come to Guthrie Bowron’s rescue and helped rebrand the well-known home products supplier into more of an inspired home-decoration partner. The campaign slogan ‘inspiration starts here’ also invited Kiwis to check out Guthrie Bowron when it previously might not have come to mind.

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