They have ways of making you talk: CAANZ and TBWA\ launch Effie campaign

There's been plenty of spy-related news recently after the Edward Snowden leak. So it's pretty good timing for the launch of CAANZ and TBWA\'s Effies call for entries campaign, which taps into the shadowy world of blacked out documents, lie-detection. and subterfuge. Perhaps they know more than they're letting on? 

The campaign features the tagline 'Results Don't Lie', but, like all good bureaucracies, the CAANZ Department of Interrogation isn't at liberty to discuss what else the campaign entails. Entries are open now and close on 25 July (download the form here). 

As CAANZ chief executive Paul Head says, Effie is about interrogating work under the twin spotlights of results and return on investment.

"Only under the harsh light of this interrogation can we truly get a sense of what has been genuinely effective and why it has worked so well. The learnings that result make us all stronger and prove our value to clients." 

This year there have been a number of minor changes made to the programme, including the introduction of a scrutineering process designed to pick up common problems that often lead to disqualification of entries.

"If your entry fails scrutineering it will be returned to you and you will have the opportunity to fix and resubmit it. We have also tightened up the  word limit. It will be strictly enforced this year." 

There are also some changes to categories, including restrictions on multiple entries in what were last year called “specialty categories”, as well as the addition of a new “Annual  topical category”, this year being the Olympics. 

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