Thermo-labelled wine, straight from the vine: VNO’s white wine lets you know when it’s ready

VNO has launched a thermo label on its white wines that that tells the consumer when it’s the correct temperature for drinking. And to give its thermo-labelled wine some personality, it’s released a radio ad where the wine is personified by a breathy, sultry man urging the VNO owner to drink the wine.

VNO was created to specifically target millennials, which is probably why it went for the novelty labels, to appeal to tech-savvy young’uns. The Business worked with Constellations Brands to develop VNO brand from scratch back in 2012.

At this stage the labels are only on white wine bottles and they change colour to let the drinker know the wine is at optimum temperature for drinking.

As VNO says: “Nothing spoils the flavour of a wine faster than serving it too cold, which is why VNO white wines have an intelligent label that turns blue to tell you when they are perfectly chilled and ready. So now there’s nothing to stop you relaxing and enjoying the tropical fruit flavours and zesty finish of VNO Sav Blanc.”

The labels are also on VNO’s Pinot Gris and Chardonnay.

And while we’re at it, here are a few other heat-sensitive products out there on the market:

Heat sensitive colour changing Kandy Automotive Paint:

One of our favourite comments on the video: “Why is this a big deal? My Hotwheels did that when I was like, five years old … “

Then there’s one of the more strange ones out there, a thermochromic urinal. Perfect for those who get really bored when they pee. The wall reflects the temperature change with colours of red, orange and yellow.

And who can forget the heat-sensitive mug? This one is a classic. Particularly the heat sensitive mug, which takes away Van Gogh’s ear when hot liquid is poured into it.

Heat sensitive cell phone covers also exist. Then you know when someone’s been pawing at your phone without your permission.

The possibilities are endless.

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