The winds of change: Stihl, Meridian and Fair Trade

Plenty of new stuff to choose from this week. And we’re feeling particularly generous so we’re sharing the love.

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Who’s it for: Stihl by DDB and Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: If there was an Axis for funny, DDB would probably win it every year. And it might even come close to winning it at Cannes too. So, as you’d expect, after the hullabaloo it caused with the last Stihl ad, the latest effort doesn’t disappoint.

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Who’s it for: Meridian by Assignment Group

Why we like it: As unashamed lovers of both pylons and rather mesmeric wind turbine blades, News/Wind Boy’s enthusiastic endorsement of Meridian’s West Wind farm in Wellington was right up our alley. And, for the cherry on top, Meridian even sent us a copy of the limited edition Gusty. Phwoaaar is the only word to describe the well-endowed centrefold. The next chapter debuts on Sunday.

Youtube Video Who’s it for: Fairtrade ‘Fair Story’ by Generation Alliance and The Sweet Shop

Why we like it: Reminiscent of Colenso’s spot for the NZ Book Council in parts, this beautifully crafted wee number was directed by The Sweet Shop’s half Kiwi/half UK-based Jeff Wood. And, with the addition of the social media platform, this ‘filmic petition’ aims to raise awareness of the Fair Trade movement.

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