The sound of brown chocolate: Cadbury and DDB ramp up excitement as campaign moves towards joyous sonic crescendo

Youtube VideoAt the start of summer, Cadbury and DDB set themselves a goal: to Share the Joy with the country and find out exactly what joy sounded like to New Zealanders. This manifested itself in cool experiential efforts like the giant snowglobe in Auckland, clap-activated Christmas lights and a massive sprinkler that travelled to beach hotspots around the country and a call to fans to send in their own sounds of joy to add to those recorded for the impressive launch TVC. Now the campaign is getting close to its denouement, with a new ad that was launched last night to promote “the first song created by the joy of a nation”.  

Apparently, the idea to create a song out of disparate but joyous sounds was executive creative director Toby Talbot’s masterstroke during the big pitch last year and one of the main reasons Cadbury chose to stay with DDB instead of aligning with its global network and shacking up with Saatchi & Saatchi. And, given the relatively recent firestorm Cadbury had to deal with after the palm oil and pack size debacle (and the stellar work coming out of Whittaker’s and Assignment Group), it’s a smart way to bring some positivity back to the brand.

Ten-time Grammy winner Bobby McFerrin (in case you were wondering, only one of them was for ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’) has been brought out to assist in the song’s creation and, of course, they’re dragging things out a bit to increase the interest, with the rhythm set for release on 26 May, the melody on 23 June and the full song on July 22.

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