The people have spoken—and they now have their ice creams

The General Strike, The Springbok Tour, Bastion Point, the Aotea Square riots … There have been many famous New Zealand revolutions; many examples of the masses banding together and showing their dissatisfaction. But none of them really compare to the recent consumer uprising to get Tip Top to bring back the Mint Trumpet and the Grapefruit and Lemon Fruju.

Of course, the online realm—and particularly Facebook—has made such uprisings more common, much easier and often ridiculously superficial. But after fans began asking the company to bring back their favourites, Tip Top acquiesced, with both varieties back in the chiller for a limited time (as with many things that are ‘for a limited time’, it seems the time will be less limited if they prove popular enough).

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Colenso BBDO has just launched the Mint Trumpet campaign and it’s pretty damn clever. Tip Top has made one minty treat for every New Zealander and, tapping into the powerful desire for humans to get what’s rightfully theirs whatever the cost, it suggests you should “eat theirs before they get yours”.

Check out the Facebook app here. And there are also some Facebook reach blocks/homepage takeovers starting from 13 December.

As for the Fruju, Tip Top says there has been a growing number of fans campaigning on Facebook for the return of the Grapefruit and Lemon variety over the last few years. A number of groups were set up, with some dedicated comments from fans talking about their love of the product. “When they got rid of Grapefruit and Lemon Fruju’s I died a little inside” is one of them and over 1000 people felt strongly enough about it to click a button. Their dream is now a reality.

Next on the consumer wish list? Bring back Rachel Hunter.

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Of course, social media is a double-edged sword. Cadbury felt the firestorm when it reduced its pack size and added palm oil to the recipe. And Tip-Top also played with fire last year when it reduced the size of some of its packs. The 237 comments under the story on Stuff showed there was a fair bit of spleen venting from aggrieved consumers. But, just as it listened to them when they asked for the new varieties to be brought back, Tip Top also reversed that decision.

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