The milkman returneth

The last time we heard from the Toot Group they were trying to spread the meaty truth and destroy the sausagey lies as part of a campaign for Harrington’s Sausages (in fact, the ‘Know Your Sausage’ poster made as part of the Sausage Awareness Week still hangs proudly from the StopPress walls). And now the gang is back with some more good work for The Trusty Delivery Co., a new grocery service modelled on a successful business in Australia that is aimed at busy, environmentally conscious shoppers who can’t be arsed going to the supermarket.

For all those nostalgic types who yearn for the return of the milkman, or feel like they really should know the name of the local butcher, The Trusty Delivery Co. claims to be a more modern milky, offering more than just cow juice and an extra bit of convenience courtesy of the internet. In Australia, its sister business Aussie Farmers Direct now has over 150 franchisees that deliver to around 80,000 people and it’s only been up and running for five years (there are franchise opportunities available in New Zealand too).

The list of “fresh essentials” on offer in New Zealand is currently slanted in the dairy direction, but you can order anything from specialty loaves to orange juice to shaved (but not hairy) ham, with free delivery if you buy more than three items. At present there are two runs in Auckland and more will kick off as soon as the franchisees are found.

The Toot Group developed the brand strategy, name and identity and the website was made with the help of their cobbers Degree and Resn. Of course, some supermarkets already offer a delivery service (Amazon is even getting in on the act in the UK). But they don’t have a whistling, trustworthy looking milkman. Or a snail with a moustache. Or talking birds.

“The brand, website and characters of the Trusty world are really lovable. Everyone’s done a fantastic job,” says Toot Group’s Cleve Cameron. “It’s tradition with a modern twist, answering a simple need for time-poor Kiwis, engaging and entertaining both parents and their children.”

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