Ten great gold-winning campaigns at the Clio Awards

Although the Clios have come to be inextricably linked to the hot mess that was the 1991 edition, the awards show continues to attract some of the best creative work from around the world—and this year was no different.

Kiwi agencies were again among the winners, with Colenso BBDO picking up a gold for DB Brewtroleum and Y&R winning a pair of silvers for Burger King’s McWhopper.           


The wait is now on for the selection of the grand winners, which will be announced by co-hosts Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally on 28 September.

In anticipation of this big event, we decided to take a look at ten of the best non-Kiwi contenders among the gold winners.

In no particular order, here they are: 

1. Swedish Tourist Association’s ‘Swedish phone number’ by INGO

To celebrate 250th anniversary of the abolishment of censorship in Sweden, the nation allowed people from around the world to call a phone number and be connected to a “random Swede”. It was a brilliant campaign that essentially turned the public into brand ambassadors. 

2. Airbnb’s ‘Van Gogh BnB’ by Leo Burnett Chicago


We often talk metaphorically about how great art can allow us to step into a different world, but Airbnb and the Art Instiute of Chicago made it a reality through this experiential campaign that allowed visitors to step into the Vincent van Gogh bedroom (and even spend a night there).

3. Bonds’ ‘The Boys’ by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

Many column inches have already been dedicated to the stunning simplicity of this campaign, but it still makes for a great few minutes of viewing time. 

4. MACMA’s ‘Man boobs for boobs’ by David Buenos Aires

While the female nipple remains taboo, David Buenos Aires took advantage of the fact that the same rule does not apply to the male nipple in a bid to show women how to check for the early signs of breast cancer. 

5. Spanish Lottery’s ‘Justino’ by Leo Burnett


The story of the lonely security guard on the night shift aimed for the feels and didn’t miss the mark. Even the most stoic among us would’ve felt a hint of impending eye urination. 

6. AT&T’s ‘Fletcher’s Drive’ by Smuggler

It’s now widely accepted that the shock and horror tactics that previously typified PSAs simply didn’t drive the results they were meant to. Instead, organisations are now turning to stories to change the minds of those tempted by an extra drink or by the buzz of a text message. As stories go, this one is pretty damn heart wrenching.     

7. Dove’s ‘Tongue’ by Ogilvy & Mather 

Listen to the campaign here

If you suddenly want to come the realisation that you have a weird slug-like entity living in your mouth, then give this ad a listen. 

8. Southern Comfort’s ‘Shottasoco’ by Wieden + Kennedy New York

It’s mad, unapologetic, bizarrely entertaining and infectiously catchy. What more do you want from advertising?

9. States United to Prevent Gun Violence’s ‘Guns with history’ by Grey New York

Guns seem like a great idea, until you find out what they’ve been used for.   

10. Paramount Channel’s ‘Actors’ by Grey Argentina

We’ve all been secretly honing our acting skills, perfecting them nonchalantly simply in an effort to navigate relatively standard social experiences. And there’s absolutely no shame in that. 

Check out the full list of gold-winning Clio campaigns here. Let us know which other ones you like.  

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