The ten ads Kiwis watched the most on YouTube in 2015

From taking bathroom breaks to aggressively hitting the skip button, Kiwis will in most instances do all they can to avoid ads—something that’s evident in the rapid growth of ad-blocking software. 

However, every year, there are a handful of ads produced that Kiwis actively search for and share with their friends. And this year was no different, with YouTube’s leaderboard of ads showing that Kiwis are happy to sit through an ad if the idea is strong enough.

Last week, when we gave a rundown of the most-watched videos in New Zealand over the last year, the only ad to make the list was Air New Zealand’s ‘Men in Black Safety Defenders’ video (by True), and it has now subsequently been crowned as the most popular ad of the year. This is the second time the airline has taken the title.  

The Air New Zealand clip was followed by Contagion’s Door knocker stunt, Coca Cola’s ‘Remove the label’ ad produced in the MIddle East, the Pandora jewelery company’s ‘Unique Connection’ spot and Adidas Football’s incredibly popular ‘There will be haters’ ad. 

In the past, the YouTube leaderboard has come under criticism for the results being skewed in favour of ads with a high number of paid views. 

But Chris Dodson, the head of YouTube and ads marketing for Google Australia and New Zealand, says that the latest string of results were calculated using an algorithm that factors in organic and paid views, watch time and also audience retention. 

According to data from YouTube watch time over the last year was up 60 percent on last year, indicating that Kiwis are spending more time than ever before streaming videos through the channel.

Moving further down the top ten list, Kiwis were also enamoured with Sony’s Octopus photographer (by FCB), ASB’s four-legged ball boys (by Saatchi & Saatchi), Lotto Powerball’s pirate epic (by DDB), Adidas’ ‘Force of Black’ (by Iris Worldwide) and a Clash of Titans ad.  

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