Temporary street sleepers to walk a mile in homeless shoes

One more sleep until the Big Sleep Out, where a group of 74 hardy captains of industry and various social crusaders will sleep rough for one night in Auckland to help raise money and awareness for the LifeWise Trust and help bring homelessness to an end. And they’re on the hunt for donations. 

The group includes two former mayors, four members of Parliament, one Auckland councillor, four Sir Peter Blake Trust Emerging Leaders, plus an array of other brave souls from the business community and the marcomms sector, including BrandWorld’s David MacGregor, The Goat Farm’s Vaughn Davis, The Wine Vault’s Jayson Bryant, Jucy’s entrepreneur of the year Tim Alpe, Bizzone’s Sarah Trotman, The Common Room’s Hayden Raw, Helen Steemson and Keren Phillips, IAG’s Nick Jones, Curious Design’s Simon Diprose, SublimeNZ’s Robert Bruce, and probably a few others. You can sponsor participants here. Go on.

Last year participants bedded down in the discomfort of a covered car-park. This year they’ll be in the open air. And, to add to the challenge, the forecast isn’t looking very good.

“It is a symbolic event. I get to repair to my comfortable digs the next day,” says MacGregor. “But it does offer the opportunity to experience first-hand what homelessness means and to engage with both the people who assist homeless people to access the services they need and some people who have been homeless and are now getting on with their lives with the help of LifeWise and their own efforts.  I hope you can and will help out. I genuinely believe this is both a worthy cause and an organisation that has proved highly effective at delivering its services.”

As an incentive to make a donation in the next 24 hours, BrandWorld’s MacGregor is offering a custom printed and signed copy of his children’s book Itchy Feet to anyone who contributes $25 or more. You can see the artwork online here.


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