GrabOne puffs chest, eats birthday cake, launches new TVC

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How consumers buy stuff has changed a helluva lot in the past year and, after getting its mitts on 65 percent of the daily deal market in New Zealand, GrabOne has played a big part in that evolution. So, to celebrate its first birthday—and the sale of 91,000 movie tickets, 26,000 cupcakes, 39,000 massages and one million holes of golf—it’s made an ad featuring the consumers and merchants who made it all possible.

This isn’t the first foray into TV for GrabOne. In an unusual step for the local market, it also launched an ad campaign by Small Town Media earlier this year in an attempt to show what it could offer and, at the same time, cement its position as the dominant player.

In its first year it has hired 80 staff, launched in Australia and Ireland (GrabOne is a joint venture with APN and its owner is Irish media juggernaut Tony O’Reilly) and added four additional spin-off websites, including GrabOne Escapes and, most recently, GrabOne Store.

“It’s been unbelievable,’ founder and chief executive Shane Bradley says (check out what he wrote recently about the daily deal market following the departure of 1-Dayout). “I knew it would be big but I never imagined it would happen so quickly. The numbers are staggering. We’ve sold over 1,400,000 coupons to Kiwis over the past 12 months. When people ask what I’ve learned over the past year, it’s how to run—fast.”

“We got in early, we leveraged social media and we successfully utilised our APN backing for promotion. Most importantly we found an outstanding team of individuals who have worked damn hard to build GrabOne into the household name it is today.”

Everyone loves outtakes. Here are some from the filming of the ad.

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

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