Telecom turns away from ShowmeTV name after potential legal threat

Telecom will launch its internet TV and movie service under a different name after Bay of Plenty-based Show TV, the trading name for Southern Cross Promotions, and Tauranga online shopping business Show Me, which has an association with Show TV, raised concerns over the ShowmeTV label.

Telecom was aware of the two companies after carrying out a trademark search, but believed each party could co-exist in the market, says spokesperson Richard Llewellyn.

“We’d been following the appropriate processes in the relevant categories,” he says. “Our initial view, and it’s still my view, is that the companies could co-exist, but in the end we decided it would be best to move on, particularly as we hadn’t invested any marketing in the name.”

Telecom could potentially have faced a legal challenge, Llewellyn adds. He says the two companies above were the only two that “we believe had legitimate concerns”.

Simon Hoegsbro, senior vice president for broadband and digital media at Telecom Digital Ventures, says it initiated discussion with the two companies. “We didn’t think having a prolonged dispute about the name was in anyone’s interest,” he says. “We’ve therefore made a pragmatic decision to move on and ensure our attention is fully focused on the development and forthcoming launch of our internet TV and movie service.”

Telecom revealed the ShowmeTV brand on 21 February and says the two companies raised concerns within days.

Show Television director Darryl Clarke said he acknowledged Telecom for “taking a pragmatic approach and resolving the situation”.

Telecom says it will announce a new name before or at the time of commercially launching the service. 

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