Telecom goes viral—this time in a good way—with Backing Black online campaign—UPDATED

We all know what happened with Telecom’s last attempt to leverage its sponsorship of the All Blacks. But its Backing Black roadshow has kept on trucking, the HQ was launched at the Viaduct a few weeks back and now TOUCH/CAST has launched a new online campaign in the lead-up to the semi-final that puts users at the centre of the All Blacks.  

Much like the recent Fairfax Arm Yourself gimmick, which allowed you to add your head to the body of a superhero, or the very cool Intel ‘Museum of Me‘, the site uses Facebook data or a specific image and incorporates you into the life of the All Blacks.

“We think this one is heading the right way, given the hefty stats being dished out of the many servers we have distributing the load, all within minutes of being pushed live [yesterday],” says Touch/Cast’s Andrew Hawley.

In less than 24 hours there have been around 25,000 views of the All Blacks Fan Conference video, which adds to the more than 40,000 people who had their photo taken alongside virtual All Blacks at the HQ (even the All Blacks gave it a nudge).

As we’ve seen often, All Blacks aren’t actors, so there’s a fair bit of cheese to wade through in this particular press conference (Keven Mealamu makes up for it with a ‘Yeah, definitely’ at the end). But, in an increasingly narcissistic world, the now ubiquitous sharing function on offer at the end of the video will undoubtedly see it spread far and wide.

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