Changes a-brewin’ with TV measurement

Every day nearly three million Kiwis spend an average of three hours and 22 minutes tuning in to their favourite shows. But changes to the way ratings are measured will have major implications for advertisers and, to assist with this process, ANZA, together with ThinkTV and Nielsen, are providing a free briefing session for them and their advertising partners.

From 16 January 2011, time shifted viewing (or TSV) will come online, providing even more accountability by television. Nielsen’s TAM service uses about 900 Peoplemeters in 500 households and the panel size is currently being expanded from 500 to 600 homes.

The TSV function will chart ratings for TV shows that combine live viewing and view up to a week later. This means the way that TV advertising space is sold, measured and reconciled will change to include this TSV data into television audience ratings.

The planning and buying of campaigns, agency performance incentives and agreements, and media auditing will change as a result of the TSV addition and television advertisers are being offered an opportunity to understand and plan for these changes.

When:              10.00am-12.00pm, Wednesday 9th November

Where:             Event Cinemas, Queen Street, Auckland Central

To attend this event please register at www.anza-tsv-session.eventbrite.com


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