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Trade Me announced today that the daily deals on its homepage will be powered by 1-day, from Tuesday 1 November. There will be three deals every day, running from 10am for 24 hours, or until sold out.

Craig Jordan, Trade Me’s head of marketplace, said the arrangement was good news for Trade Me members and anyone who likes a great deal.

“This new and improved daily deals channel will offer our members a selection of the big brands, deep discounts and quality products that 1-day customers have come to know and love,” he said. “The 1-day team are experts in this area and we know they will do an awesome job.”

Race Louden, 1-day’s sales and marketing manager said it was a great move for 1-day’s fast-growing business.

“We’re looking forward to getting it all up and running next month with some special launch deals,” he said.

The deals offered by 1-day from 1 November will be tailored for the online marketplace’s community. “They will be totally different from the deals appearing on 1-day, as we will source products specifically for Trade Me members,” Mr Louden said. “But Trade Me members can expect to see the same levels of great brands, cool stuff, and massive discounts.”

1-day will be responsible for sourcing the deals, customer service, and delivery of all products available through the Trade Me daily deals channel.

Trade Me’s main contribution is its audience, with more than 700,000 people visiting its homepage each day, and a membership base of more than 2.8 million members. It also has an existing daily deals subscriber base built up since it launched the daily deals channel “Treat Me” back in June 2010.

Mr Jordan said Trade Me’s existing daily deals subscribers did not need to do anything as they would receive the new deals from 1-day in their inboxes from 1 November.

Meanwhile in other daily deals news… market leader GrabOne, has reached a milestone this month, seling more than two million coupons, and saving Kiwis over one hundred million dollars.

It took GrabOne ten months to sell their first million coupons and just another five to sell their second.

“I thought the first four months were crazy but 15 months on the momentum has increased monumentally,” says GrabOne CEO and Founder, Shane Bradley. “We’ve seen a lot of new players enter the market but we are still leading the pack by some margin.  We’ve sold 1.6 million coupons more than our closest competitor and were tracking at a 72% market share last week.”

Bradley credits his team of ‘Grabsters’ for helping GrabOne achieve their latest success.

“The GrabOne team work hard to provide our customers with unique opportunities to engage with us – whether it’s via our social media sites, using our mobile services, or from events such as our Coffee Hijacks or Newmarket Day.

“Our original team of six part-timers is now a crew of 102.  They’ve brought so much innovation and dedication to GrabOne. To have reached this latest milestone is testament to their commitment to GrabOne and living by our ‘best deals, best site, best service and best people’ mantra.”

GrabOne launched in July 2010 with an offer of $4 movie tickets.  Since then GrabOne has expanded to an additional 12 regions across New Zealand and introduced four new verticals websites (Escapes, Bottle, Tee and Store) with their fifth vertical opening next week.  They have also grown one of the largest Facebook pages in the country, launched in ten cities in Australia and four cities in Ireland.

Recent GrabOne successes include the launch of their popular Gimme5 Facebook app, the unveiling of a ‘life-size’ Gimme and delivering an advanced mobile platform which just works across all mobile devices. On Wednesday 12 October GrabOne are launching GrabOne Home & Garden.

GrabOne Facts & Figures

  • GrabOne was launched on 7 July 2010.
  • GrabOne is the only site of its kind to have deals in 13 cities across New Zealand
  • At the time of sending this press release, New Zealanders had bought 2,128,188 GrabOne coupons to 4500 different businesses, saving them $101,130,134
  • One of GrabOne’s most popular deals to date was SnowPlanet’s $37 for Day Pass, rentals & drink which sold 7,749 coupons and generated $286,713 in gross sales.
  • GrabOne’s fastest selling deal was Event Cinemas at its peak selling two tickets every second!
  • GrabOne has 137,329 Facebook friends.
  • GrabOne customers are often referred to as ‘Grabbies’.
  • GrabOne founder Shane Bradley is the man behind Finda and Sella

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