TBWA announces new series, 2nd Chance Charlie

TBWA has certainly proved its creative capability with the introduction of a brand new reality series titled ‘2nd Chance Charlie.’ Created under the difficulties of Covid-19, the series sees five rugby fanatics battling it out for a second chance at a sporting career while training with New Zealand’s Super Rugby teams.

Teaming up with 2degrees and MediaWorks’ Three, TBWA began filming for the series in February, however with the sudden nationwide Lockdown announcement, plans were rearranged. TBWA CCO, Shane Bradnick, says when the Lockdown was announced the team had only four episodes partly shot and had no indication whether the rugby season would resume or if filming could continue.

“We had seen the initial footage and knew our second chance Charlie’s were amazing.  Together with the team at MediaWorks, we considered a range of format changes depending on where the rugby competition and production restrictions might land. 

“We also had the Charlie’s keep video diaries over Lockdown and kept up nutrition and training access, so the challenges of this will become part of the show.”

Bradnick says to keep the series alive, episodes were also rewritten and re-edited, and a massive effort went into Level 2 filming due to the Government restrictions.

“In those early dark days of level 4 it would have been easy for 2degrees to pull the pin, instead they doubled down, even managing to find the time to launch ‘Together we Cam’, he says.

“It speaks volumes about their hustle as a business and the partnership we have.”

As part of 2degrees’ commitment of Fighting for Fair and spotlighting their Super Rugby sponsorship, it was the responsibility of themselves and THREE to handpick the five ‘Charlies’ from around the country.

The five reality rugby stars will include, Daniel Kauika, 22 and training with the Blues, David Edelstaff, 28 and with the Crusaders, James Cockburn, 27 with the Hurricanes, Otenlil ‘Nili’ Moala, 28 with the Chiefs, and Tai Tupou, 32 and training with the Highlanders.

Offering a diverse background the group has a Navy veteran, a solo dad of three, and a U20 player who ditched a rugby career to follow his religion on a two-year mission to Arizona.

Since filming, the five selected ‘Charlie’s’ have been training hard, managing their diets, and ultimately preparing for a one in five shot at Super Rugby stardom.

The champion of the series will receive a whopping $10,000 and a contract for a 12 week Super Rugby development programme. 2degrees will also have a People’s Choice winner, which will be voted for by the public and will win $5000.

After months of zero sport, and now a return to Level One, the series couldn’t come at a better time. Set to play out across sixteen episodes, broadcast over two weeks, the docu-series will first air on June 17 at 7:30 pm on THREE.

Bradnick says the 2degrees unique partnership has been a great fit for the series and shows how brands can become a true part of culture.

“Everyone knows someone who dreamed of being a professional rugby player but never quite made it, so it seems only fair to give Kiwis a second chance to make this dream a reality.”

Chief of brand and insights at 2degrees, Ben Wheeler, adds that the return of rugby is bound to delight even the casual sports fan.

“Kiwis are a fair bunch who love a redemption story so the idea of a second chance feels like a good call. With our Super Rugby sponsorship, we have the opportunity to do something about it and think it’s only fair to give the chance to someone who really deserves it.”


Client: 2degrees

Agency: TBWA Group NZ

Broadcast Partner: MediaWorks

Media Agency: IKON

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