Run Zooms us to Ruapehu

As a nation we love the outdoors, surrounded by nature but trapped in our houses has been hell for a lot of Kiwis. From this came a tactical campaign from the agency Run to feature the beauty of Ruapehu through Zoom.

Run CD, Raymond McKay adds, “Online Zoom meetings became the catch-cry of the Covid-19 lockdown, so we liked the idea of playing on that in a totally unique way – all while featuring the stunning scenery of the region.”

Visit Ruapehu general manager Jo Kennedy says, “Ruapehu is the perfect destination to get back to nature, connection, and life post lock-down, in the stunning country we live in. The region is full of outstanding scenery, sights and experiences. On and off the mountain there’s plenty to see and do, all with a healthy dose of open space and tranquillity that we all need right now.” 

“‘Zoom to Ruapehu’ really resonated with us when Run presented the idea, now in every Zoom meeting I imagine the camera panning out to one of our beautiful vistas,” Jo says.

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