A tattoo to unlock your phone

Motorola has launched a tattoo that allows smartphone users to unlock their phones instantly. So is it a henna tattoo of a QR barcode? Is it a microchip inserted into the skin? Or is it an actual tattoo etched onto the body with electronic micro fibre ink?

Well, your inner-George Orwell can rest easy for now, because it isn’t any of these variations. It’s actually just a simple stick-on tattoo that lasts on the skin for five days.

And rather than being emblazoned with a graphic image of a dragon eating a wizard while surrounded by a tribal vortex, the tattoo is  transparent and largely unnoticeable.      

It’s made from thin electronics set in a silicone adhesive, and uses the same technology that allows us to tap and go at the retail counter.     

This new piece of technology was introduced, because Motorola felt that the 89.7 seconds that smartphone users spend per day unlocking their phones was far too much.

A ten-pack of the tattoos currently retails at about US$10, meaning that a year’s supply will set you back about US$80. 

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