Samsung convinces punters to swim for their supper

Every brand and his dog seems to have been trying to get in on the selfie craze recently, and, as yourselfieideaisnotoriginal.tumblr.com shows, it often smacks of desperation. But if you’re going to get punters to take a photo of themselves, at least make it challenging. Samsung, one of the few brands to have had success when it comes to selfie-related campaigns, is doing just that, with what could be seen as a tech-related version of the ice challenge. 

To show off the waterproof Galaxy S5, Samsung gave passersby in Zurich the opportunity to win a free phone, but only if they dived into the freezing lake and took an underwater shot. 

Good to see brands getting potential customers to work for their freebies, although getting the quivering swimmer to go and take another photo is bordering on cruel. 

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