Tasti draws attention to kiwi preservation with human reunification

Where brands used to simply advertise, now they’re regularly ‘creating content’—and often hoping to inspire warm fuzzies. Vodafone and True nailed it, Air New Zealand did it over Christmas, Samsung made a very special delivery in Australia and to show how it is helping to preserve our national icon, Tasti has got in on the act with ‘Project Nest’. 

Tasti may be best known for its snacks, or the Kiwiana kitsch of its previous campaign, but together with partner organisation the Forest Lifeforce Restoration Trust, it has also raised over 200 kiwi chicks and returned them to the wild. And, with sponsorships often living and dying by their activations, Tasti and Contagion decided to reunite a couple of humans to celebrate the 200th release. 

Missing someone who’s flown the nest? Tag them & tell us why to be in to win.

Posted by Tasti NZ on Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tasti ran a Facebook competition that gave fans the opportunity to release the Kiwi and name it in honour of a loved one who’d ‘flown the nest’. Lynda Holswich won, but what she didn’t know was that they had arranged to fly her son Aaron home from Perth to meet her in the remote Hawke’s Bay bush. Or that they’d be releasing the chick together.

Their story of heartbreak, death, illness and reunion was captured in a short documentary by well-known New Zealand director James Anderson, who has directed numerous award-winning films and TV series including The Food Truck and Making Tracks.

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