Talk to the hand: &some gives Wendy’s digital thumbs up

Auckland agency &some is charting new territory for Wendy’s Kiwi business, creating the restaurant brand’s first digital only campaign Wendy’s Mates Rates.

The campaign promotes Wendy’s value range menu, assigning a hand gesture to each of the food offers that customers can use to order in store. It also serves up a video to accompany each choice, using security camera footage from Wendy’s stores, with each offer shareable on Facebook.

Wendy’s has more than 61,000 likes on the channel. “We wanted to prove that a definitive, digital only campaign has an exact result, which can only be put down to the fact that someone has gone online or seen the video,” says CEO Andrew Nalder.

“If someone’s gone into the store and made the hand gesture, that can only come from one place.” Wendy’s has a loyal customer base of older consumers, but this campaign was aimed at those aged 15-25, he says.

“We were trying to think of ways to keep it enticing and fresh and interesting for that age group.”

He adds Wendy’s has an active social media base and this will be a key part of &some’s work for the brand.

“We’ve noticed when we’ve done analytics of their Facebook chat, there’s a very engaged community. They’re always wanting more stores opened up and people want them to be in more cities.”

The agency is also working to re-establish what Wendy’s stands for, emphasising the use of fresh ingredients as a selling point, Nalder says. It plans an integrated campaign, using AdShels, digital and TV.

The Mates Rates responsive website was built by Daniel Fickling, with artwork by Glen Drake and concepting by Nalder and Dean Pomfrett.

*&some is part of Stop Press’ owner Image Centre Group.

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