Taking the newly redesigned LA Times for a hoon

The digital world is moving at lightning speed, so by the time you’ve launched your redesigned website, it’s almost out of date. But that hasn’t stopped the LA Times from unveiling a completely reinvented site that is “as bold and compelling as our journalism and as fast moving as the world you live in”. 

“We listened to our readers. We considered how to best deliver both breaking news and in-depth understanding. We experimented with new ways to spark conversations. Then we started to build.” 

  • Check out the gloat video here

As well as its new hyperlocal focus on LA’s vast array of neighbourhoods, the responsive, decluttered site also features an image-driven visual browsing mode, new galleries for photos and videos, “infinite scrolling”, a new navigation bar located on the left-hand side and extremely easy sharing (including something called Sharelines).

As Gizmodo reports:

Studies found that, for better or for worse, many users—particularly younger ones—like to share content before they even read it. “They see teaser content like a compelling headline, or a great photo, and bam!— off it goes to Facebook or Twitter,” says Ron Parsons, vice president of digital products for the Los Angeles Times. “And while of course we’d love it if users actually get to that great article, photo, or column, even if they don’t, we get the value of getting our brand out there, and of any traffic that comes from the share.”

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