Tablet ownership in New Zealand almost triples: TNS Mobile Life

The number of tablets in New Zealanders' hands has almost tripled, with 19 percent of Kiwis owning one according to the latest TNS Mobile Life report.

The research company's study surveys the mobile behaviours and attitudes of 38,000 people across 43 countries. In New Zealand the survey had 485 respondents between 16 and 60.

Tablets and TVs go hand in hand, with the report showing 52 percent of tablet owners are using them at home while also watching TV. Half say they use their tablet before going to bed.

Smartphone Ownership

Device share of time

Device share of time by activity

In the last year smartphone penetration in New Zealand has almost doubled to 60 percent. Although the number of smartphone users and tablet owners have increased significantly, TNS says laptops are still king when it comes to digital living.

“The results show that while the future is mobile, it’s still only one of many devices in New Zealand. But the number of Kiwis who own smartphones has risen quickly, and that’s largely because the price of handsets has come down in the past few years” says TNS New Zealand director David Thomas.

In the last year the global average smartphone price has dropped below US$100. The price of smartphones may be on the decline, but New Zealanders are increasingly willing to pay the extra buck for quality with respondents saying they're would spend an average of $403 for a new smartphone, up by almost $50 from the previous year.

Kiwis are up to paying more for hardware but are still wary of network charges. More than two thirds of respondents say mobile data in New Zealand is too expensive. Only a third of respondents say mobile data coverage is reliable and works when they need it to.

The increasing number of mobile devices available to New Zealand consumers is forcing businesses to make the hard decisions between native applications and responsive mobile web design.

TVNZ's strategy for choosing native applications or responsive web is based on the security required, says general manager of digital Tom Cotter at a TNS-led panel discussion this morning. The broadcaster has several programming deals which are hinged on being able to lock down content within the New Zealand region. We've already seen the havoc with weak digital rights management systems (or the lack of them) when MediaWorks was forced to shut down its mobile on demand service after users were able to download restricted files.

"Do we need security, if so we need a native app. If not, we want to have the widest reach possible using the simplest implementation we can [mobile web]," says Cotter.

Device share of time by activity


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