Swipe right for a job

Forget video CVs and personality quizzes, a Cincinnati agency took a potential recruit on a date.

In the search for a social media admin, Possible Cincinnati created a Tinder profile for its city, nicknamed ‘Cincy’, in the hopes of attracting not only someone new it agency but someone new to Cincinnati.

It wanted to show someone what Cincinnati has to offer and sure enough, it found the perfect match in Daniel Mashburn, an assistant account executive at Leo Burnett.

Like going on a blind date, Mashburn flew to Cincinnati and Possible staff played his tour guides. By the end of the video, Mashburn appears convinced to move as he unzips his jacket to reveal a Tshirt reading ‘Cincy’.

The Tinder date video joins a ‘Run Thru Cincy’ video by the agency that shows the city’s attractions via someone going for a run.

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