Big things come in small packages: Spark proves the power of little

Spark has launched a bold new brand platform via Colenso BBDO that demonstrates size doesn’t matter when it comes to victories.

Called ‘Little can be huge’, the platform is led by a 60-second video of Kiwis, young and old, celebrating the huge wins that come from a series of little victories. Included is a couple on their wedding day, a young rugby player and his mum, a mature couple dancing and a family coming together for a photo, who are all united by the words of a child.

In a voiceover, the child explains the power of little things with the message culminating in an inspirational takeaway that “with a little help, a little country can take on the world”.

Head of brand, communications and experience Sarah Williams says the ‘Little can be huge’ was first kicked off with Spark’s people through an internal brand platform called ‘Little Victories’ that encouraged its people to celebrate the little victories that they and Spark technology gives to Kiwi consumers. 

“We’re now extending that idea in our new brand work. ‘Little can be huge’ is just as relevant for the hundreds of thousands of businesses and millions of Kiwis we work for every day. It’s a way of thinking and working that our people have really got behind, and we’re excited to share it with New Zealand.”

The notion that Spark’s technology can create huge wins for Kiwis is evidenced in the video, which shows Spotify, Facebook Messenger, Spark Foundation’s Givealittle and Spark Arena enabling the little victories.

Spark Arena is the newest addition to the telco’s offering after it took over the naming rights to what was formerly Vector Arena earlier this year in a continuation of its commitment to bring experiences to New Zealanders through partnerships.

Now, in its new platform, Colenso BBDO chief creative officer Levi Slavin says it has allowed it to uncover a variety of truly inspiring New Zealand stories.

“Whether it’s a call that turns someone’s day around, or the huge opportunities that a little connection can unleash, ‘Little can be huge’ is an incredibly versatile idea.”

As well as the ‘Little can be huge’ video, the campaign has been rolled out across OOH, press and social. The stories featured in the video will also be brought to life further across broadcast and social in the coming months.

It’s a similar approach to last year’s major brand campaign that was kicked off by the ‘Big Tony’ video and followed by a series of smaller videos sharing macro-moments with Spark’s offerings.

The ‘Big Tony’ story of a father connecting with his daughter though an infectious Pharrell Williams track was intended to connect with consumers emotionally and at the time, Spark general manager of marketing Clive Ormerod told StopPress it signalled a new way of connecting with customers. The body of work was designed to ensure Spark remains competitive in the market while also making customers feel something.

And if the social media response to the ‘Little can be huge’ campaign is anything to go by, it too is making customers feel something. In fewer than 24 hours, the video reached 750,000 people on Facebook and Spark says it’s receiving a much more positive sentiment than other recent brand campaigns.

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