Sweet Shop and DDB best of Kiwi bunch at Adfest

The strife in Thailand had its wicked way with Adfest, the Asia Pacific advertising awards. But the dates were changed a few times and, instead of the usual Thai beach resort location, it was decided the big name judges would converge on Tokyo this week to make their decisions. And it’s fairly slim pickings on the finalist front for Kiwi agencies.

Of the 11 categories, Kiwi agencies only made the cut in two of them, Film Lotus and Film Craft.

In the Film Lotus category, the 2degrees Mobile launch by TBWA\Whybin got the nod in the Campaign for Best of Public and Private Services. And DDB got two finalist placings, one for ‘Que Sera Sera’ in the Single for Best of Communication Media and Publications and another for ‘SKY Content’ in the Campaign for Best of Communication Media and Publications.

In Film Craft, the Sweet Shop nabbed three finalist placings for Pure Blonde ‘Dove Love‘ in the Single for Directing, Fresh and Fruity ‘Wrecking Balls’ in the Single for Cinematography and ‘Harmony‘ for Toyota Prius in the Single for Animation (Cell, Clay or Computer). ‘The Ride‘ by Curious made it through twice, once in Single for Editing and the other in Single for Directing. And Flying Fish also got one in the Single for Directing category with its Toyota ‘Flying Fox‘ spot.

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