Survey shows media multi-tasking de rigueur, big chunk of Kiwi TV viewers gawking at smartphones

Depending on how you look at it, second screening is either breathing new life into live broadcasts and showing TV is about shared experiences, or offering proof that viewers aren’t really paying full attention to what’s on the box. Either way, it’s proving fairly popular in New Zealand, with a new survey of 482 smartphone users released by IABNZ and 3DI showing that 63 percent of them are simultaneously using their smartphones and watching TV. 



64 percent simultaneously use their phone with their computer, 25 percent use it while listening to radio, 22 percent use it with either a newspaper or a magazine and, the warnings are obviously being heeded, because just five percent use it in the cinema.

According to the IABNZ Mobile Advertising Council (MAC), smartphone penetration is currently 30 percent, up from 13 percent in 2010, and is expected to reach 50 percent early next year.

“While there are over 5 million mobile phone subscribers in New Zealand, the survey shows that income is currently a factor in smartphone ownership. However, as smartphone handsets and data plans come down in price we will see this becoming less of a factor in defining the market,” says Alisa Higgins, IABNZ general manager.

The top daily activity on a smartphone is sending text messages followed by accessing the internet and checking emails. Using apps is number four on the list, which means advertisers need to understand the importance of creating mobile optimised websites.

Justine Chevin, head of digital at 3DI, believes the high number of consumers multi-tasking while using other media opens up a number of opportunities for advertisers.

“Including mobile as part of an integrated advertising campaign not only extends a brands reach but you can easily create compelling ads with multiple calls to action across all mobile ad formats including SMS, mobile web and mobile applications.”

Other key highlights from the study include:

  • 49 percent of smartphone owners are using an Android operating system vs 38 percent using iPhone, although this could change rapidly now Telecom are also selling the iPhone
  • 30 percent of smartphone users are comfortable having ads on their phones
  • Majority have between 1-10 apps downloaded on their phones but only use 3-5 on a daily basis

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