Survey shows dip in sales and marketing salaries

The Auckland Chamber of Commerce has just released its 2010 salary survey and, given the economic events of the last few years, it’s not a huge surprise to find that Auckland business is still “running on lean” and—block your ears children—sales and marketing salaries have dropped. So check out the rates so you know whether you should cackle maniacally with Scrooge McDuck-esque glee as you roll about on your bed with wads of cash, or go crying to the boss about not getting paid enough.

Despite the common refrain that marketing through a recession is the best approach (which always seems a little bit like the business equivalent of telling people who are about to be attacked by a bear/elephant/lion that they should stay still), when the going gets tough, the marketing budgets—and so it would seem the marketing salaries—still obviously get cut, which seems to indicate marketing is still seen as a cost rather than an investment.

Customer facing positions, however, have seen a modest rise and sales positions with a technical requirement were best rewarded with increases averaging around three percent. Some trade roles associated with the building industry that suffered in the 2009 survey also saw small rises to their 2010 income.

The results, which covered 120 roles from over 400 Auckland businesses and are available for perusal here, show there are now fewer employees across the business spectrum earning more than six figures, the demand for part-time or flexi time for admin roles is up on last year and starting salaries are lower in 2010 than 2009.

The results have been compiled into salary guidelines for different sectors and also include specific job descriptions and remuneration information (but only for roles that had more than five responses). But we all know what you want to see (and if it’s not to your liking with you can always check out the JRA Best Workplace finalists). Herewith, a few mean base salaries for 2010: marketing manager $83,819 (total income was $88,499); product manager $70,625; regional sales manager $67,586; national sales manager $92,661. Check out a few more comparative figures by downloading this 1Sales and Marketing results of Salary Survey 2010.

Chamber of Commerce chief executive Michael Barnett says that overall remuneration packages stayed pretty flat in 2010. Although, with adspend on the way up across most media and hiring intentions in the marcomms sector seemingly improving, things seem to be getting slightly fatter.

Barnett says it was interesting to note the large numbers of firms that have decided to provide “other income” benefits rather than money to attract and retain employees, including flexibility around time and place of work and professional memberships. Although, the survey also showed there were fewer company cars included in packages in 2010.

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