Superette on the importance of social media

Why do you think it is important for a brand to monitor their social media themselves?

Social media is a super crucial platform for interacting with customers and potential customers, serving almost the same purpose as visual merchandising in a store. To assist and inform followers/customers as well as providing them a great user experience. If you’ve got a strong retail presence and brand identity, this should seamlessly flow across into your social media platform so your customers can easily identify you from the other competitors. Maintaining this identity is the key to building loyal customers, so there can’t be a disconnect. Outsourcing social media can weaken that connection, not only on the accuracy on the messages you’re sending your audience, but in the information that you’re also receiving back.    

In your opinion what are the best ways to target your audience through social media? 

Every single person is different so you have to look at the whole picture while also considering each individual follower. For us there is a fine line, ensuring we have the perfect balance of product, lifestyle, video, GIFs and quotes to appeal to every follower as best we can. Every piece of content will have a different effect, for example if you post a product image, it may not receive a lot of likes however it may generate 5 sales, where as a quote will receive a tone of likes and engagement, but the chances of it converting a sale are slim to none. Its about identifying what you want to achieve with your social platform and implementing it in a way that will engage your target audience. 

The Superette Instagram is a steady mix of lifestyle and content pieces. 

Do you think that having just a Facebook is enough or do you suggest having multi-platforms for the best results?

Multiple platforms are a must, particularly in our industry. It’s all about knowing your market and reaching them in the most effective way. Instagram and Facebook are our strongest platforms, purely because of the social aspect of Facebook and the visual appeal of Instagram. As a lifestyle brand its crucial for us to be part of our audience’s everyday life and the more places we can appear to remind them we’re here, the better. 

In saying that, the platform needs to work for you. There isn’t much point investing time in money in a platform if there’s no ROI or your target audience isn’t active in that way. 

How do you measure your success through online social media marketing?

Facebook analytics, Google analytics and Iconosquare are invaluable resources to us. We can track engagement, visits, likes comments, click through rates; anything from top performing posts to the most active times of day. With this knowledge we can then review, tailor and implement. Growth is a definite consideration when it comes to our social platforms, however a large social following doesn’t necessarily mean high engagement, or promise that your followers will convert, its about identify your audience – quality over quantity. 

What do you think are some of the biggest mistakes a business can make on social media?

Inconsistency and unoriginality. With 700 million users on Instagram and over 2 billion users on Facebook, brand identity is crucial. Your competing on a platform with millions of other users, and your only point of difference is your content and presence. 

Superette official Instagram. 

What would be your advice for a retailer looking to start growing their social media more?

Identify your audience and build a strong brand identity. Identify the purpose of your social presence and stick to it. Are you using your platform to push product or is it something more than that. Because of the algorithms that are used across most social platforms now, its made it a lot harder to gain those initial followers. Collaboration is brilliant for reaching already existing audiences and thats probably one of the reasons that influencers have become so popular. They provide a relevant already existing audience, as well as validating the brand through word-of-mouth. 

What is Superette’s favorite social media platform and why?

Instagram (73.8k followers). It’s a bit more relaxed and visual focused than other platforms, a more creative space where we can curate our epic brands, and represent the ‘lifestyle’ of Superette. 

We use it like a big inspiration board, constantly adding to it with fresh, inspiring images. We post about four times a day so it’s constantly updating, generating freshness, encouraging regular engagement. It’s also super easy for customers to interact with, without being too invasive. Instastory is also a great component, providing additional info,’real-life’ insights into the brand. 

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