Sugar and Fatso’s sweet copyright campaign

Ad agency Sugar and online DVD rental company Fatso are capitalising on paranoia about new video piracy rules with a clever new campaign. As record companies sent out warnings for people found making illegal downloads, they sent out phony warning letters with the fictitious logo of the New Zealand Copyright Authority and the message “notice of breach”.

“You’ve been identified as someone who loves free movies. We get it. We love free movies too.”

Further down the notice relieved recipients found it was just a joke promotion offering a free month’s subscription to Fatso.

Sugar creative director Tim Huse and deputy creative director Hayley Marks came up with the idea, and saw it as a great way to turn a negative into a positive.

“It was newsworthy, topical and a way to have some fun, and also celebrate the fact that Fatso offers a month of free movies”, says Sugar’s chief executive Jeremy Johnston.

Account director Nicole Quin was responsible for pulling the campaign together that targeted central Aucklanders who fit Fatso’s customer profile.

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