Stuff gets punk’d, polar style

Greenpeace got its hoax on last year with a fake website called Arctic Ready, which asked users to come up with their own Shell-related ads and aimed to draw attention to the company’s desire to drill for oil in the region. The best one, ‘You can’t run your SUV on cute. Let’s go‘, was put on a massive billboard and erected outside Shell’s HQ in Houston. The organisation continues to fight against the proposed drilling and a ‘press release’ about Russian company Gazprom and Shell delivering a polar bear to Auckland Zoo that was sent to the media and published by stuff.co.nz seems to bear the mark of Greenpeace as well.

Image: via Dave Richardson.

The Auckland Zoo tried to cleared up the confusion with a tweet. 

Stuff took the story down soon after it realised it was fake and sent an apology tweet (update: news editor Glen Scanlon wrote about it in a bit more detail and apologised again). But not before the screenshots were taken.

Add this one to Stuff’s classic headline gaffe after a baby giraffe was born at Auckland Zoo. 

 Image via Buzzfeed

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