So long and thanks for all the fish, Shearer

So Shearer’s been shorn. Bad headlines have been written. And since his resignation bombshell earlier this afternoon, Twitter lit up with reaction and people touting successors (our favourite: ‘We’ll never forget you Damon Shearer!’). 

So far the virtual votes are swinging the way of up and comer Jacinda Ardern (Spokesperson for Social Development and Children) and deputy party leader Grant Robertson.

Shearer never quite mastered the soundbite but his recent anti-GCSB speeches showed he was on the improve.

He’d put his hand up as opposition spokesperson for science and innovation, but never had the chance to make much headway.

For some tweeters it was all about the two dead snapper Shearer used as props in a recent debate with John Key over quota changes.

If he’d thrown them at Key, perhaps the outcome would have been different, one tweeter reckoned.

With today’s announcement, he’s out—hook, line and sinker. 

  • This story originally appeared on Idealog. 

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