Studio Nash and MBM produce new production bubbles for Red Seal

Health and wellness brand Red Seal, with the help of agencies Studio Nash and MBM, has recently launched the first part of its new global brand positioning ‘Incredible Inside’ encouraging Kiwis to look after themselves from the inside out.

The team at Red Seal were days away from the campaign’s pre-production when the nationwide lockdown was announced, however instead of cancelling, a new campaign was produced from within each team member’s ‘bubble.’

Strategically launching the campaign on ANZAC day when TV ratings were at a high, Red Seal took the opportunity to share its revamped ethos, ‘When you put incredible in you get incredible out.’

Head of marketing at Red Seal, Aurelia Moly, says after nearly 100 years of Red Seal caring for Kiwis’ health, now more than ever is the time to achieve wellness from the inside and out.

“Red Seal was founded with the simple idea that that the human body will strive involuntarily to correct ill health when given the goodness it needs, which has never rung truer than in our current climate.

“Despite the unique logistical challenges we faced, this project has all the hallmarks of true Kiwi ingenuity.”

The efforts of the Red Seal team, Studio Nash and MBM have resulted in a visually beautiful film with a message of resilience in such an unusual time. The brand campaign is also supported by a social media campaign and ‘Community Immunity’website with helpful immunity tips.

“We’re proud to be sharing with Kiwis a creative campaign that reflects a collective sense of relief and has a supportive tangible element to it,” says Moly.

“Going from strategy to ideas, producing content, social posts and a website from scratch in just over 10 days was a moment I’ll remember for the rest of my career.”

Studio Nash’s David Nash and Connan James created the two tier campaign whilst in lockdown, with assistance from global strategic lead Simon Hammond, all over Zoom.

“The ad’s key phrase, ‘Knock the bastard off’, is the late Sir Edmund Hillary’s famous quote after conquering Mt Everest. We wanted the brand to offer more than the standard ‘We’re in this together’ message.  As the situation evolved by the day, so did the TVC script.  As we got towards ANZAC Day, Sir Ed’s quote couldn’t be more fitting,” says Nash.

“The production process started with a few frantic phone calls,” adds Nash.  However, production company Film Constructionwas up to the challenge, pulling off two finished pieces from sourcing talent to final cut.”

From within their bubbles, the social ‘Community Immunity’ campaign was created by a group of professional camera crew and talent within their circle.

Launched on ANZAC day and continuing for a further six weeks, Incredible Inside can be viewed across TV and On Demand.


Red Seal:

Global Head of Marketing: Aurelia Moly

Australasian EGM: Jez Hawkins

CEO: Sean Duggan

Naturopath: Michelle Irving

50 Crates:

Founder and Head of Strategy: Simon Hammond

Studio Nash

Exec. Creative Directors: David Nash and Connan James

Head of Social Influence: Ash Lynch

Digital Designer & Developer: Liann Yim


Client Services Director: Nicky Greville

Business Director: Nicky Watson

Digital Manager: Lauren Smith

Planner and Buyer: Marika Allen-Jennings 

Film Construction:

Executive Producer: Belinda Bradley

Producer: Jozsef Fityus

Director: Perry Bradley

Cinematographer: Belinda Bradley

Casting: Harriett Maire

Editing & Post Production: James Hutchinson

Audio Post: David Liversidge

Additional Camera (in bubble):

Cameron Betts

Amalia Osbourne

Niamh Swannack

Ang Nayyar

Jen Smith

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