StopPress/ThinkTV TVC of the Year 2011

Television viewing in New Zealand is at its highest ever level and television advertising took the top spot off newspapers for the first time ever last year according to the ASA ad revenue figures. So reports of its death appear to be, as the saying goes, greatly exaggerated. Of course, recording technology means interruptive advertising ain’t what it used to be and you can’t just buy attention like you used to, but despite the many digital distractions that are now available to brands and agencies, the power of a good TV ad is still unquestionable, primarily because it is one of the best ways for brands to convey emotion, tell stories and, in most cases, get their messages in front of as many humans as possible.

Since StopPress kicked off in September 2009, we’ve tried to celebrate that collision of art and commerce in our TVC of the Week section, which, as the name suggests, showcases what we deem to be the best locally-created TV ad(s) we’ve come across in the past seven days. It’s supremely unscientific, has nothing to do with research, testing or sales figures, and is simply based on gut feel; on whether we think an ad is funny, beautiful, engaging, interesting, well-made, memorable or any combination thereof. The hoi polloi already have an opportunity to vote for their favourite and least favourite ads in the rather mysterious Fair Go Ad Awards. So, together with industry body ThinkTV and the place we reckon takes the title as the Viaduct Harbour’s coolest bar/restaurant/venue, Snapdragon, we’re once again giving the wider marcomms industry a chance to have their say on the matter. Last year Barnes, Catmur & Friends and Skyline Garages somewhat unexpectedly took the inaugural title from the people’s favourite, Lotto Lucky Dog. So who’s it going to be this year? Check out the rather large list below and cast your votes.

Creativity is inherently linked to advertising effectiveness, so this award not only acknowledges agencies that continue to push creative boundaries to create effective advertising, but also their clients for being brave enough to buy good creative work,” says Rob Hoar, ThinkTV’s general manager.

We went through all of the ads that have been featured on the TVC of the Week podium from 1 March 2011 until 1 March 2012 (we also added a couple of others that slipped through the cracks) and whittled the list down to 45 for the ‘People’s Choice’ stage.

You can vote for a maximum of five ads (or you could just choose one). And don’t forget to click the ‘vote’ tab at the bottom of the page once you’ve made your selections. For all those hoping to swing the vote in their favour through duplicitous means, you can only vote once. But, in the spirit of marketing, we can’t stop you from sending the link around and begging friends, family and colleagues to help your cause. Voting closes on 16 May.

After the votes are tallied, up to 12 people who were involved in creating the ad (whether from the agency, client, production house or other suppliers) will be fed and watered at the big table at Snapdragon (it actually sits 14, but we’re not stupid, we’ve saved a couple of spots for ourselves). And we’ll also have a chat with the main protagonists about the winning ad so StopPress readers can marvel at your immense talent.

If you can’t see the survey, click here.

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