The StopPress/Freeview TV quiz: how clearly can you see?

We live in exciting and/or terrifying times, depending on your viewpoint. New technologies are upending established business models. New communication tools are connecting people in new ways. And brands and agencies are trying to figure out how to use those new technologies and tools to connect with them. But that doesn’t mean the old tools are irrelevant. As Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly says, no technology ever goes extinct. And, as the studies continue to show, those in the marcomms industry are not entirely normal. Unconscious biases and the experiences inside our own plush, comfortable filter bubbles impact on our perceptions of the world. So, when it comes to media consumption, are your perceptions accurate? Go on, test yourself. We know you want to. 

  • This quiz has now ended. Check out the results here.

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